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Company Reporting (Croner-i) The ICAEW Library can provide examples of real-life company reports to help keep you up-to-date with reporting practices and benchmark your financial reporting compliance.

As well as extracts from reports filed by all major public companies, Company Reporting also offers weekly CR Monitor Reports detailing changes to reporting practice and a broader monthly CR Review.

Request this book Wiley IFRS 2017: Interpretation and application of IFRS standards PKF, Wiley, 2017 Reference manual providing full coverage of the latest standards and thorough guidance for implementation, featuring practical tools and insight from a practitioner's perspective.

Request this book International GAAP 2017 EY, Wiley, 2017 Comprehensive reference guide to interpreting and implementing IFRS, featuring detailed analysis of technical accounting issues accompanied by worked examples and illustrations taken from the actual financial statements of companies that report under IFRS.

Accounting for collaborations in the life sciences sector: Challenges in applying IFRS 10 and IFRS 11 Guide, with examples, produced by EY in June 2013.

While these resources contain useful information, please treat them with appropriate caution.There have been several significant changes, including major new standards on consolidated financial statements, joint arrangements, disclosure of interests in other entities and fair value measurement and a revised version of IAS 19 Employee Benefits.IFRS checklists and model financial statements Online disclosure checklists, general IFRS illustrative statements and compliance questionnaires collected by the ICAEW Library.Please log into e IFRS to access electronic versions of the standards. The ICAEW Library also offers members and students access to the print versions of the latest IFRS Blue and Red Books.Contact us by telephone on 44 (0)20 7920 8620, by web chat or by email at [email protected] in Other Entities 🔒 Financial Reporting Faculty, 30 January 2017 In May 2011, the IASB published a ‘package of five’ new and revised standards providing updated guidance on the accounting and disclosure requirements for investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates: IFRS 10, IFRS 11, IFRS 12, IAS 27 (2011) and IAS 28 (2011).

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IFRS 10 – Consolidated Financial Statement Regularly updated timeline and summary from Deloitte IAS Plus, with information on related interpretations and amendments under consideration.

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