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Train your clerks to inspect business checks to verify that each check has a date, a payee name, a dollar amount with figures and matching text, a signature, the payer's name and account numbers along the bottom edge of the check.Instruct them to make your customer sign the back of the check in the clerk's presence.Monitor bulletins from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about various organized fraud rings operating in your area and monitor FTC alerts for signs of potential fraud among customers.Train your clerks how to spot common endorsement problems.I'm not positive, but I think the Texas statute and charge is something about theft of services by conversion.

Retailers generally have no way of knowing whether a business check is valid, so consider subscribing to a clearinghouse service, such as Telecheck, for instant approvals on business checks.

Instruct employees that they must record the ID number and expiration date of every valid drivers' license or state-issued ID card on the back of the check and verify the endorsement signature against the ID. Many vendors charge a fixed fee for each bounced check, often to per occurrence, and tie responsibility to the customer and not to the company issuing the check.

Be sure that a written check-acceptance policy informs the customer that she is liable if the check should bounce for any reason.

Agreeably, some courts don't feel the date on the check makes any difference at all.

that it is simply a demand note as of it's issuance.

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