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The adjacent sketch is the only detailed drawing of a traditional Chamorro canoe known to exist.

As of 2009, the Northern Mariana Islands has had a representative -- non-voting, like all the territories' representatives, but still there -- in the U. Regrettably, the ones who do are probably aware of the island -- which is in Micronesia, just north of Guam, south of Japan, east of the Philippines and west of Hawaii -- due to its tainted reputation stemming from a political scandal involving a certain Texan who later appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

Females played an important role in ancient Chamorro society and were responsible for the perpetuation of the indigenous language and aspects of traditional culture following the imposition of Christianity.

Ancestor worship was an integral part of ancient Chamorro culture.

These people, the ancient ancestors of the archipelago's contemporary Chamorro population, were accomplished horticulturalists, mariners and fishermen who skilfully adapted to an environment made challenging by periodic droughts and powerful tropical storms.

The Chamorro were the indigenous population of the Mariana Islands when Magellan first visited Guam in 1521.

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