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I am a fully grown woman, and while cuddling is enough for me, a man—especially a man who has no intent on waiting for marriage—will get another message from what I assume is a simple cuddle.

I can no longer pull the card of “I just wanted to cuddle,” and I really have to think of the consequences of I crave physical touch.

This creates a lot of frustration, and I’ve seen far too often that men feel defeated.

They take it personally and react much more negatively than if I share my feelings when we are at dinner one evening.

After losing my virginity, I hoped the next man I would have sex with would be my husband.

But I have since dated men who pressured me so much that I have given in (which by the way, led quickly to the end of that relationship).

A guy who respects your decision to hold off on sex will accept your explanation without question, ask you how he can be the most helpful in this regard, and encourage you to let him know if he is crossing any lines or making things difficult for you.It took me a few missteps to realize just how much.Knowing what I do now, these are things I wish I’d known before I started dating.Even if he is just joking, this subtle pressure doesn’t bode well for a long-term relationship.Probably the biggest mistake I’ve made over the years, especially early on in dating, was not telling the guy that I was waiting for marriage until things had already gotten heated and we were in a horizontal position on the couch or in a bed.

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Talking about sex in a nonsexual environment allows him (and you) to think properly with his head rather than his body.

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