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RNS: Many Christians believe it’s best to remain a virgin until marriage.

You say this issue is complicated because people have varying definitions of “virignity.” What are some of the most common?

BM: We all need to experience pleasure, relaxation, calm.

BM: When talking about lust and fidelity in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus counters that mind/body duality, suggesting that you don’t actually have to commit adultery to sin against your partner.a new book by Bromleigh Mc Cleneghan, an associate pastor at Union Church outside of Chicago.The book is Mc Cleneghan’s attempt to free Christians from shame about having premarital or extramarital sex.I am less concerned with which “acts” are “okay” for unmarried Christians and more interested in helping people ask questions about healthy intimacy, experiencing pleasure and desire in holy ways, and in learning to be vulnerable with a partner in ways that affirm their mutual identity as children of God.RNS: You root some of your thinking in Genesis where Adam and Eve are naked but unashamed.

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