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This is an excellent placement for getting the word out about something, especially those things that you do that personify you.

The only negative to this is you may seem a little terse to others as you communicate with them.

You will also seem more attractive to others and could bring an exciting new love or investment opportunity into your life.

Mostly, I hope you have an enjoyable year that gives you laughter and love.

I am looking forward to meet someone, whom I can share my feeling and get comfortable with.

All in all, your 2017 does look to be full of changes and more activity than you had last year.If you are in a financial business partnership with someone this may be where your difficulties rise up and you may find that your partner has not been handling the cash flow appropriately and in extreme cases that they have absconded with cash or taking it "under the table" thinking no one would notice. I would advise that you don't get married on impulse this year. But I think you may be more subconsciously impulsive this year. In fact, you might be able to make the careers of others if you are the type to give back. In fact, if Scorpios can overcome their inherent selfishness and pride, they get the deep stuff of life better than anyone else. Make the destitute feel worthy and feel the will to go on and take up the challenge that is life. That is the part people love about you best and we need your strength and unwavering emotional bond.The opposite can be true as well if Uranus is kind to you based upon your natal chart. Or at least see where you need to alter your behavior to make your future better. Please help make this world better with your vision and your power to overcome.With Uranus in Taurus your new partner may be quite attractive.When Uranus visits the 7th house it can also indicate the disruption or dissolution of a partnership which can happen quite suddenly or seemingly out of the blue.

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