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Once buried into the sea floor, these nuclear weapons can be remotely detonated to cause a massive tidal wave that would wipe out coastal cities in minutes.I have estimated that a series of these weapons could be detonated in a timed sequence that multiplies the amplitude of the tidal wave, causing a much larger and more devastating wave than any single weapon by itself.We give you a full ten minutes to spend with each person before you move on.

Imagine meeting other locals, who already share common interests with you.With speed dating from Seattle Dating, you get a memorable experience with the right partners.Become a member and experience dating like never before.DESIGN: Walden’s patented hull design has become synonymous with performance longboarding, however the design is easily transferred through different board shapes and sizes, and rider skill levels from novice to experienced.CONTOURS: Single concave from the nose through to the midpoint.

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