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In the preceding example, the client automatically provides the ETag token in the "If-None-Match" HTTP request header.The server checks the token against the current resource.If the response is marked as "public", then it can be cached, even if it has HTTP authentication associated with it, and even when the response status code isn't normally cacheable.Most of the time, "public" isn't necessary, because explicit caching information (like "max-age") indicates that the response is cacheable anyway.Check your server documentation for the necessary configuration flags.Tip: The HTML5 Boilerplate project contains sample configuration files for all the most popular servers with detailed comments for each configuration flag and setting.

Every time the user requests this asset, a request is sent to the server and a full response is downloaded.All you need to do is ensure that each server response provides the correct HTTP header directives to instruct the browser on when and for how long the browser can cache the response.If you are using a Web View to fetch and display web content in your application, you might need to provide additional configuration flags to ensure that the HTTP cache is enabled, its size is set to a reasonable number to match your use case, and the cache is persisted.The client doesn't need to know how the fingerprint is generated; it only needs to send it to the server on the next request.If the fingerprint is still the same, then the resource hasn't changed and you can skip the download.

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