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Send feedback to [email protected] you feel I've made a mistake. You can find information on the new skill, Herbalism, and the various Traits, Aspirations, Collectibles, and more that are listed in our Guide to the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack.Cheats Cheats for Money, Skills, Careers, and Testing Cheats that can lend you powerful control over the gameplay.

Use the build tutorials link to get started, as you'll learn the basics of The Sims 4's build mode there.Learn all about the DLC Vampires (Playing as One) Gaining Levels Powers and Weaknesses The Vampire Lore Skill With more to come!Toddlers are finally in the Sims 4, available as a free update as of today! I've also written a guide to Toddlers which covers their skills, needs, and caring for them.Many people will point out this update should be free, they are correct. Explore the new city of San Myshuno and its many features, such as festivals, tourists, and street performers.Sims Studio did the right thing in giving it to everyone at once, since Toddlers were notoriously absent from the base game. You can rent an apartment and gradually work your way up the ladder using one of the three new careers available in the pack.

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