Simulate carbon dating

Many smoke detectors are based upon ionization caused by a small sample of a radioactive substance contained within the smoke detector.

Medical uses of radiation in the treatment of cancer are common.

The time required for the decay rate to become half of its original rate is known as the half-life of the radioactive substance.

This project will simulate both the decay process of radioactive isotopes and a Geiger counter used to measure the decay rate.

(If you need to start the simulation all over from the beginning:1. Use your mouse to drag and select all of the data beginning with the data line containing the column headers "Time(s) Counts".

Make sure the start simulation switch is set to OFF.2. Open the attached Excel file called Radioactivity_Simulator_

You should see the data in the Excel workbook on the far left.

The synth speaker will produce a click every time a simulated radioactive atom decays.

As time progresses, you will also see a detailed table of time and counts in the Serial Monitor window.

Data collected automatically by a sketch (program) running on an Arduino module is imported into an Excel spreadsheet for student analysis.

Setup the Circuit The picture above shows the entire circuit. One end of the split connects to a slide dimmer (or alternatively to a dimmer).

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