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The last few weeks had been extremely busy and my wife and I had very little time to spend with one another.

My wife told me I was being a good sissy boy and that she was going to untie me, and that I was to keep on the blindfold, would I still cooperate, I could only moan.

She then lay beside me and put my hand on her pussy, it was dripping wet.

We needed some alone time so we made arrangements for the kids to spend the night at their grandparents house.

My wife asked if I would mind dropping them off by myself as she had a few things she like to get ready while I was gone.

* Being generous, attentive, supportive and bring gifts to your Mistress, will definitely captivate her soul and she will be willing to spend long hours in your company, and perhaps spend a weekend or summer holidays together.

* Let HER to modify your inner and outer sissy soul, because she knows what a real sissy boy wants and needs, and she will lead you deep into your sissy desires.

The fabric was pulled away and my cock went into their mouth.

The anticipation of what was in store for me was awakening all my senses. Her hair was pulled back the way I like it she also had on some hoop earrings and was wearing makeup, which she rarely does. She then told me to strip and take a shower, she would be waiting for me in the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom the covers were gone and all that was on the bed were two pillows and a restraint system. She told me she forgot something downstairs and would be right back, I was beginning to ache from the anticipation.

When I walked into the living room she was waiting for me wearing thigh high boots a black corset and was holding a riding crop in her right hand. She took a bag off the dresser and told me to come to her. I dumped the contents onto the bed and looked at her questioningly, she told me I was to do as she asked, I was to serve her without question. When I was dressed she asked me to lay on the bed and she began to tie me to the bed, she had me lift my head and put a blindfold on me. It was only a few minutes later (it seemed like longer) I heard her coming up the stairs, I could hear other footsteps as well.

I could feel the tip starting to go in and I gasped, my wife asked if I wanted it all so I said yes.

He slowly entered me from behind it feltincredible.

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