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H., and a list of the books which he bought and their prices, brought down to a late period of his life.

According to tradition the greater part of what has been recovered was found in a snuff-shop by Mr. Eight volumes came into the possession of the Faculty of Advocates, and under their auspices two folio volumes of legal decisions from 1678 to 1712 were published in 17.[6] In 1837 the Bannatyne Club printed The Historical Observes, 1680-1686, a complete Ms.

Crosby the lawyer, the supposed original of Scott’s Pleydell, and purchased at the sale of his books after his death by the Faculty of Advocates.[5] [4] Preface to Forbes’s Journal of the Session, Edinburgh, 1714. Genealogical Roll of the Family of Lauder by the late Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, in possession of Sir T. in the Advocates’ Library, and in 1848 they printed two volumes of Historical Notices, 1661-1688. from which the folio of 1759 was compiled, and the additions to the text of the folio are not numerous, though the historical matter, which was buried among the legal decisions, is presented in a more convenient form. i.) and especially from 1670 (for the previous entries occupy only a few pages) the notices are all new and many of them of considerable interest. ’Dear Sir,—­I am honoured with your letter, and should have been particularly happy in an opportunity of being useful in assisting a compleat edition of Lord Fountainhall’s interesting manuscripts.

I should not otherwise have intruded on you until I had seen the book, as I am at present ignorant how far it clashes or agrees with the plan of the work I have prepared.

As business calls me to Edinburgh, I can now have no opportunity of perusing it before my departure, as I leave this on Tuesday the 28th instant I observe, however, with great gratification, from a quotation in the Magazine from your preface, that you hold out hopes of a farther publication, and I am consequently anxious to avail myself of being in Edinburgh to have the honor of an interview with you, that I may avoid any injudicious interference with your undertaking, and rather go hand in hand with you in promoting it.

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