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Sophia has long brown hair and big brown eyes as well.She has no piercings and has a tattoo under her ear.Sophia (using a different name now) is always saying on her Instagram that she has been to hell and back. This year I just felt empty as I saw one random porn star after another walk the red carpet.Well from other reports it looks like she left the industry and switched her twitter to her real name and would like to focus on her fitness career.Dis white boy as some skillz, he's bigger than Rodney Moore but doesn't unload as much baby gravy.He and Sophia are the two fastest rising starz in the biz, when are they going to hump?In a gripping first-person account, Putney-Wilcox relives their relationship, the night she thought she would die, the heroic efforts of her brother to save her, and her life today. And I know this is just the beginning of that young woman's life. Sophia Putney-Wilcox: There's a lot of lessons I can take away from all of this.

It would be the first time the most in shape woman in porn would be performing with one of the most out of shape.

Sophia also has all the curves you'd expect from a top porn star.

She was also blessed with a great pair of naturally perky C cup boobs, which perfectly compliment her sexy body.

Von Swine represents the average guy who could never get a girl like Sophia, this scene would be a winner and Sophia would make it volcanic!

When is the sexy Sophia going to screw everyone's favorite porn punk Jessy Jones?

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  1. Our singles and couples know what they're looking for and know what to expect, just like you. There's nothing more frustrating than going on lots of dates only to find your match is boring in the bedroom.

  2. Even though I was a bit shaken, I felt I had dodged a bullet. We talked about the big challenges we had overcome in our lives. He did me a favor by showing his character so quickly. I know how to cut the players loose before my heart takes over. I’ve learned to have self-compassion and not expect to always get things right the first time around.