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We do sometimes allow for younger clients to attend a certain age bracket, but are more strict with older clients trying to get into meet someone younger.If you are booking with a group we can allow one or two members to be slightly outside of the age brackets.We do encourage you to tick as many people as you want. Once you are there, look around the room and see everyone, the nerves do calm down.What is the harm in growing your current circle of friends or to catch up with someone for an hour over a coffee? One of our two hosts will introduce you to one or two others that have come by themselves. Speed Dating is a great way to make new friends, with both guys and girls.

We have been around for a while now, so we do have repeat customers.

We are proud to say that we have 6 hosts that have been with us for 8 years.

99.9% of our clients do the right thing, unfortunately there are always the odd one or two that do not.

If you have been with us in the past 12 months we will check your details to make sure you will not meet the same person twice. We have all the matches data from 2004 so we can easily check.

We also have to be strict on "serial speed daters" or clients that come often.

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While we cannot guarantee even numbers at every single event, we get it right more times than not.

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