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In the fifth season, Reba and the rest of the family try to help Cheyenne overcome her addiction and also work out her new partnership with Van.

She is shocked to learn that Van no longer believed in God following his injury and demonstrates her more caring side when she asks their church's minister to help Van work out his problems, as well as when she allows a family devastated by Hurricane Katrina to stay with them.

In the third season, Reba struggles to move on after Kyra's departure, even trying to permanently avoid Brock and Barbra Jean, before she reconciles with Kyra.

In the same session, she also learns that her oldest child, 17-year-old Cheyenne, is also pregnant by her boyfriend, Van.She later quits this job to work for Brock's arch-rival, Eugene, and helps Van and Cheyenne with parenthood and college plans.Reba also becomes more reflective, after attending an old boyfriend's funeral with Brock, she debates whether or not she made the right choice by marrying him at all.A short time later at high school graduation, Cheyenne goes into labor and gives birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, in the hospital.In the second season, Reba continues to move on from her divorce, even getting a boyfriend for a brief period, selling off her engagement ring, and accepting a job from Brock in his dental office.

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