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Webtrends is not responsible for any changes or dysfunction of the results of the Services, including, without limitation, any data visualization dashboard and/or the data contained in the data visualization dashboard, arising from any changes to practices, policies, APIs or terms of use of the Third Party Platform providers.Client hereby grants Webtrends the right to, for the sole purpose of providing Services, if such right is necessary to provide the Services as described in the Services Schedule: (a) access Client’s Third Party Accounts, (b) access and retrieve Third Party Data from the Third Party Platforms via Client’s Third Party Accounts, (c) collect, store, use, distribute, copy, modify and process any Third Party Data accessed via its Third Party Account solely to provide the Services’ and (d) take such action with respect to Client’s Third Party Accounts as appropriate in order to provide the Services. Client has and will retain sole and exclusive right, title and interest in and to all Client Confidential Information, Client Materials, Third Party Data, and Third Party Account Information (collectively, “Client Property”), including any and all intellectual property rights therein.

Webtrends shall not be responsible for failures or delays in performing Services due to Client’s failure or delay to provide access to Client Materials or Client premises or due to Client-imposed or government-imposed security requirements. “Site” means those websites, Third Party Platforms, applications or devices owned or controlled by Client or a third party for which Client wishes to, and has the authority to, use the Webtrends tracking code, Webtrends APIs, third party APIs, or any other collection methods to collect or upload data in connection with the Services.Services will ordinarily be performed by a Webtrends service representative or other authorized representative of Webtrends. Client shall provide Webtrends with access to data, materials, software and hardware as reasonably required for Webtrends to perform the Services (“Client Materials”).Client agrees, however, that Webtrends, in its sole discretion, may provide the Services through a third party representative. Client hereby grants Webtrends a limited right to use such Client Materials solely for the purpose of performing Services hereunder.For these Services, Webtrends will need rights to access, upload and view the Third Party Data by using Client’s credentials to access Third Party Accounts.Client acknowledges and agrees that Services related to any Third Party Data or Third Party Platforms are conditioned and dependent upon the applicable Third Party Platform allowing access to Client’s Third Party Account and Third Party Data by Webtrends, as a service provider of Client.

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