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Thus, intime, we began to talk about film buffs, music buffs and so on.

Champagne was originally just vin de campagne, or wine from thecountryside.

It was only in the 18th century that it came to refer towine from the particular region around Épernay, where many ofthe most horrific incidents took place during World War I.

The fact that the Champagne area saw some of the worst trenchwarfare is no coincidence.

The birds looked the same, tasted similar and both were exotic new dishes brought from Somewhere Foreign.

So it was assumed that they were the same thing — and the American bird got called turkey as well.

If the finger and the heart are that closely connected, then you can trap your lover’s heart simply by encircling the finger in a gold ring. So why it should be named after a country in Asia Minor is a littleodd, but explicable.

In the 16th century, merchants started importing helmeted guinea fowl from Madagascar to Europe, and the people who didthe importing were usually T urkish traders.

He then folded the paper, sent for a walnut, and proved Pliny right.In the 19th century, theuniform of New York firemen was made from buff; soon, the firementhemselves were known as buffs.Calling the fire service out was also referred to as calling in the professionals, and soon ‘buff ’ became another word for expert.That’s why President Kennedy caused such hilarityamong Germans when he visited Berlin in 1963, and said: ‘Ich binein Berliner’.Hunters of the European buffalo referred to the animal’s leather as ‘buff ’.

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The Germans stormed across northern France with Teutonic efficiency, until they got to the champagnewarehouses.

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