Tumblr rss feed not updating

If there are any age, country, or privacy restrictions set for a profile, we can not display the content from that source.

Go to Design Max Posts to Display and verify that it isn't set to 0.

Pinterest If a Pinterest board cannot be loaded, check whether there is a " " in the original board name.

The POWr Feed is having trouble parsing the "+" which stands for the " " sign in the URL, so simply replace that with a " " to fix the problem for the user.

If you're having trouble connecting a page or account to POWr Social Feed, Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Tumblr Feed, or Twitter Feed, please check the following in your plugin: For all social platforms, we can only display public content.

For over a decade, Google Reader was the gold standard for RSS apps.

That is, until July 2013, when Google abruptly stopped supporting the tool to focus on other products. Suddenly RSS readers were popular again, with hundreds of apps competing for Google Reader's former users on sites like Replace Reader.

You can read and reblog posts from within the colorful reader.

It also sports some new curated topics, called "essentials," ranging from "Apple" and "Data Visualization" to "Do It Yourself" and "Gardening." Visually, the minimal app has teamed up with Vladstudio to provide some cute and colorful themes. Previous versions had buggy sharing features, but those have been fixed, and today's release also adds Google Plus integration.

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