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After download, extract the update (run the to extract, but don’t run utility afterwards) to a folder with the model name, in this case a folder named L460. Then enter all your models and the latest BIOS version you downloaded.

Here, create tab delimited headers ‘Model’ and ‘Version’.

Viktigt: Om Bit Locker inte är upphängd, nästa gång du startar systemet om det inte känner igen den Bit Locker-tangenten.

Du uppmanas sedan att ange återställningsnyckel för framsteg och systemet kommer att be om detta på varje omstart.

In this case, user interaction is recommended if a user happens to be logged on during deployment. Goal of this guide is to help you create a repository of Lenovo BIOS updates and automate updates using a single application in SCCM. Make the contents of the PSADT and subfolder for Domain Computers on a server. We do this so the client doesn’t need to download all BIOS updates.

As such: Later on, we’ll use this text file in conjunction with our detection method.Parameters: /TEMP:"C:\Windows\TEMP\SSM4327.tmp" /SSMFS:"\SERVERSHARE\HPSSM" /SSMPATH:"C:\Windows" \SERVERSHARE\HPSSM\ /a /Currentsetuppasswordfile:\SERVERSHARE\HPSSM0/noreboot /edebug /log:\SERVERSHARE\Log_HP\Errors HP Business Desktop System BIOS (L01) (SP84334.CVA): Problem encountered when launching the install command.The whole BIOS updating procedure should be treated with extreme caution.If you do not encounter any system instability or bugs with the current BIOS version, we suggest that you keep it.

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You probably have several models with differing BIOS versions. Disclaimer: This has been tested on L/T/X series Think Pads for *30-*70 generation. So, copy all the folders for the models under the PSADT Files folder. Finally, get a copy of 32-bit Service from MDT and place it in the root folder (this allows for user interaction in “Whether user logged on or not” scenario).

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