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I implemented a similar process at work and decided that it would be nice to offer the option of adding new subbrands from the data entry form.To do so, I placed an ‘add’ button next to the subbrands select which opens a popup where the user can add a new subbrand. Then I define a function that will redefine and reload the ds Subbrands dataset.Log on to the Azure portal – https://portal.azure.com/ and create a Function App Wait for the deployment to finish – it takes about 1-2 minutes.Choose to create your own custom function Select language Powershell And the Http Trigger In my example, I will keep authorization level to anonymous – but you can add more security if needed.In order to avoid popup windows with authentication in the Azure Function I had to modify the script and hardcode the username and password in my script.The bold lines are added and the $auth Result is modified as well.

Now I want to be able to update the data base with changes made in the user interface of the Website.In this way you will have a full control what's being saved and how you save it. :) Hi iturune, You can try to comment this line: my Data Set. Add(my Data Table); Since my Data Table is just a reference of my Data Set. That means the changes will not be updated to database. The only way I know how to update my dataset in Power BI is to delete it and add it again, which deletes associated reports and dashboards.In this way, the select list is updated as soon as the update is completed.No refresh is necessary, even if the parent brand is already selected.

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