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Note, however, that the field name appears as Custom DP under Field expression.As a result, we now know that we need to create a Custom entry for this field using the DWGProp command.Please submit your CER dialog with added details if you experience a “unplanned exit” aka crash of Auto CAD as the CER data provides the clues required to address those in future updates.Your office has custom title block fields, created using the Auto CAD DWGPROPS command, which are designed to update automatically when placed in a drawing set.In the Field names list, scroll to and highlight the field name you need to update.In our example, the Project Number field is listed as Project No.

In the Add Custom Property dialog box, type a Custom property name and Value for the custom field. (to match the name in the Fields dialog box) and give it the value 2015.02 to reflect the project number of the current drawing. You'll now see an entry in the Custom Properties list that matches the custom field you've just created.

Primary commands and system variables: MVIEW, NEWVIEW Support for high resolution monitors continues to be improved in the Update.

More than 200 dialog boxes and other User Interface elements have been updated to ensure a quality viewing experience on high-resolution (4K) displays.

For the best results, use the Windows 10 operating system and a compatible video card.

The 3D graphics performance for the Wireframe, Realistic, and Shaded visual styles continues to increase depending on the content of the DWG files tested.

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You're wondering why they are not updating when you bring them in as Xrefs.

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