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What do you get when you cross several interdimensional god like beings, raw boredom, a world of Naruto that went wrong, several years worth of off screen training, common sense, insanity, humor, sarcasm, the Log, explosions, plot, and overall chaos? With his cargo pants, t-shirt and boots, he was slightly odd looking but otherwise appeared quite simple and casual. He is an absolute existence of the greatest quality and influence in a human's body.

I don't own Naruto, any of its characters, or any references in this story. One of the two men there was almost six feet tall wearing a black trench coat with long dark brown hair in a ponytail and sunglasses that prevented the world from seeing his eyes.

To complete the look his head was covered with a thick spiky mane of blond hair, long enough that gravity managed to pull down the bigger spikes down towards earth, but short enough that nothing would swing around wildly or impair his vision.

This young man was one of many possible versions of Naruto Uzumaki that existed in the infinite expanse of the multiverse.

"And here I was trying to make you not strong enough to prevent this from happening.

Such a shame.""You're a saint." The blonde rolled his eyes but clearly not bothered or surprised by the turn of events.

I do believe that you also managed to distort some of the timespace here as an aftereffect.Abandoned me at that Ryuzanpaku place for six months after sealing away pretty much all of my chakra, where I am still convinced the masters there took the same educational teaching courses you did given how many times I nearly died…""You know as well as I do that Lee would have killed to get a piece of that action.""… ""Surprisingly enough no.""So you, on a whim, drained a freshly murdered body of its blood, dumped it on your apprentice, and then dropped said apprentice in front of murdered man's friends and family just for kicks?And you framed me for the murder of some royal bastard groom on his wedding day by dumping me into the main guest area drenched in literally all of his blood, followed by dumping his body on top of me. ""That and I didn't like the entire family in general.His stamina levels without the aid of the demon inside of him were already absurd when compared to the standard of the other ninja in his home universe, but even as winded as he was performing his strongest technique, the destructive output of it was simply put fucking ridiculous."Thanks for keeping me out of the blast radius by the way.""Anytime.

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He was infamous among the higher deities of many if not all universes for, among other things, possessing the ability to end everything should he will it. His continued living is an insult to the actual gods of the multiverse as he, originally born a mundane human with no history or unique qualities of any sort, is now not only beyond their influence, but above it… He is also terrified of Chinese food, addicted to and experienced in various forms of sex, and enjoys slipping small pebbles into people's shoes when they aren't paying attention in his free time because he thinks it's funny.

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