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Keep in mind, while this guide is based on our own personal views and recommendations without any outside bias, we have incorporated affiliate links within this content which may earn us a small commission on referred sales.In the event of this, you'll pay no more for the game and our minor cut of comes out of the retailer's revenue.Since we don't make any revenue from providing free valuable content such as this (we don't charge for access to this article and hope we never have to), we partner with trusted retailers as an affiliate to help keep the lights on and not have to resort to an annoying number of display ads which almost always ruins the reading experience.We appreciate your understanding and support on this issue and hope you find this guide on the best real-time strategy games to be helpful in your search.Among the various categories of video games, one of them stands out in particular.Real-time strategy (RTS) titles are some of the most fun games ever to be released and also some of the toughest to master in skill.

Offers an excellent single player experience coupled with great multiplayer battles, this is one to consider.With high-paced action and a deep focus on both micro and macro management skills, these titles can be great fun to play and watch.While the gaming industry has changed the focus from RTS development to other more popular game genres over the past five years, this guide was written to help introduce you to some of the best RTS games of all time. Before we introduce you to our full of recommended real-time strategy titles, we will try to tackle a common question about the lack of growth for the genre in the video game industry, what to look for in an RTS game and offer a basic comparison of the listed games.Real-time strategy is one of the harder video game genres to master since skilled players must be able to multi-task exceptionally well to maintain optimal resource harvesting alongside building new structures, creating new units and keeping an eye on the enemy forces.APM is a common term that is thrown around the competitive RTS gaming scene, and it refers to If you have been doing research on real-time strategy games, then you'll likely see that there haven't been all that many new RTS titles released in the last few years.

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To some, this is the most crucial element to a real-time strategy game and often the single-player campaigns within these titles are well done and really interesting.

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