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2018 Little 500 Recap with the Floridians Story and Photos by Richard Golardi May 28, 2018 Three drivers from Florida were still on track at the end of 500 laps of the 2018 Pay Less Little 500, and they were Mickey Kempgens (4th place), Troy De Caire (11th), and Garrett Green (14th).

The two drivers from Florida that were contending for the Rookie of the Year award, Johnny Gilbertson (26th), and John Inman (29th), both went out earlier in the race.

We couldn’t find anything on the website that referred to eligibility requirements.

Must you participate in some other government assistance program?We absolutely love it when our readers tell us something we don’t know about cheap internet plans. Especially when they tell us about exciting, new, affordable internet plans.That’s why we were so happy when Steve (who we often refer to as “our resident PCs for People expert”) told us about a new plan from a non-profit organization called 4GCommunity.“I’ve run across another Internet deal using the Sprint network,” Steve wrote, “and as far as I can tell is has no restrictions and the only qualifications seems to be paying an upfront payment as in PCs For People…”The bad news about 4GCommunity is that it does require that upfront payment.Following are the stories of the three drivers to see the checkered flag at the end of 500 laps, Mickey Kempgens, Troy De Caire, and Garrett Green: Near the end of the 500 laps at Anderson Speedway on Saturday night, Mickey Kempgens was still making laps, and also making passes.Mickey, who has made it his habit to consistently make it to the end of the 500 laps while others crash out and otherwise fall out of the race, did it again on Saturday.

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The answer surprised us because EVERYONE is eligible. And that quickly, we realized that this really good program is a really great program.

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