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Media Type -EQ SSD | Set-Physical Disk -Usage Journal New-Cluster -Name S2DCluster -Node sh-va-r4,sh-va-r5 -No Storage -Static Address Enable-Cluster Storage Spaces Direct -Skip Eligibility Checks -Autoconfig:0 -confirm:$false -Pool Friendly Name S2DPool -Cache State Disabled -verbose Get-Storage Sub System *cluster* | New-Storage Pool -Friendly Name S2DPool -Write Cache Size Default 0 -Provisioning Type Default Fixed -Resiliency Setting Name Default Mirror -Physical Disks (Get-Physical Disk | ?

Media Type -EQ SSD | Set-Physical Disk -Usage Journal Get-Physical Disk | Sort-Object Friendly Name | ft Friendly Name, Health Status, Size, Bus Type, Media Type,usage Get-Cluster Storage Spaces Direct (Get-Cluster).

Get-Storage Sub System *cluster* | New-Storage Pool -Friendly Name S2DPool -Write Cache Size Default 0 -Provisioning Type Default Fixed –Resiliency Setting Name Default Mirror -Physical Disks (Get-Physical Disk | ?

Can Pool -EQ $true) Get-Physicaldisk | where size –eq 999653638144| Set-Physical Disk –Media Type HDD Get-Physicaldisk | where size –eq 524522881024| Set-Physical Disk –Media Type SSD Get-Storagepool S2DPool | Get-Physical Disk | ?

This is really out of the box, standard functionality.

When you edit a content type, adding a field, it gets added to all the instances where that content type is used.

Each new entry in that list will include the updated field.

Any existing entry will have that field as well, but it will be empty.

I just had this problem not too long ago and this method of publishing helped since we were republishing to a form library.There's not a "hard limit" to the number of columns in a List, but more a limit to the number column types you can have in a list.The interesting part is that there is technically a hard limit on the number of columns and once that limit is reached, MOSS on the will create a new row with the same cap.I suspect there is something corrupt with the form library which is causing Designer related but I haven't ruled it out.Separately I've found that most form libraries with issues on publishing form templates, all seem to have multiple files in the library and many different files that are unlinked from the current template.

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