Updating with global variable in autosys

This was pointed out to my by the developer and I have since downloaded the proper code. The instructions state: BEWARE: If an older version is already installed, then you should manually update the XCRYSDEN_TOPDIR variable definition in your profile to point to the new place !!!When i pull up my env list the topdir is labled as: ~ should evaluate to the $HOME of your user like /home/zack for example It can also be an entry in one of these, that calls another script which holds those variables.This job will not run until its starting conditions reoccur.

: There are the two methods you can use to create job definitions:■ Using the Auto Sys Graphical User Interface (GUI).■ Using the Auto Sys Job Information Language (JIL) through a command-line interface.If you have no success finding the definition in those files listed above, you can always try something like Hi Zbay, the program source code documentation should point you out to know where the top directory on filesystem for XCry SDen is installed by default (provided that you didn't specified an alternate location during the installation process).Once you have found where (that is, in which file) the variable is currently defined, you can edit the file so that the value on the right of the "=" sign points to the above said directory of filesystem.I am initializing the counter variable once only at the start of my code.I expected to be able to increment the counter and have the text variable (that countains the counter) display as incremented throughout my code, only this isn't the case.

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