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Based on Em's behaviour on the nest, we believe she laid a second egg late on April 23, 72 hours after the first one. This would be Day 38 for the first egg and Day 35 for the second egg.We were overjoyed to see all the signs of the eagles reacting to a hatching egg and later Em fed a couple of bites of food to the new eaglet.In April 2012, HEGPS installed a new camera on "Gregg's Tree", which is about 230 feet from the nest tree; while the view is not as intimate as provided by the older cameras, we can see the Hornby's territory and perch trees, as well as the nest tree and nest itself.The Hornby Island ground crew continue to monitor the nest and post videos and photographs of the Hornby Eagles in our forum (Our Nature Zone).Over 35 wild creatures have since been rescued on Hornby Island and sent to local rehabs, with MARS being the first stop for almost all of them.In July 2014, a small eaglet fell from his nest near the Tribune Bay campsite.They are designed to supplement individual therapy.

Passionate about the benefits of outdoor counseling,whether it be walking, canoeing, or SUPing, I believe that in such an environment of growth, openness, and exploration clients can discover key insights into shaping the life they desire.

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Our goal in this practice is to provide you with the highest quality medical care available today so that you may enjoy a full, rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

We saw her make a "poopshot" that contained a large white mass; she was on the CU cam at the time so the camera caught this reasonably clearly.

Much to our surprise, this was not the end of the season: Em laid an egg late on April 20 and the eagles began the ritual of incubating for a few hours and then exchanging places.

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