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I wunder how many guys U have fucked and if U can possibley even remember the correct number. Kisses to everyone and thanks for all the Hot comments!!10,000 guys for real inside of U with no condom I say after now finding U again and seeng this. If you left me a friend request and I did not return the favor please Fan me again.I am now going to stop meeting new people as I have enough friends who I trust and am not going to get hurt or thrown in a cage or something by some guys creepy plan for me.I am doing ok but needed to lay low until we got the creep who was messing me out of the way.

U refused Just smiling and so happy with guys just cum inside of U. U basically got gangbanged many times a week 4 years for fun.I hope you love my page and can cum for me Be kind to animals, be kind to strangers and let everyone live with no hassles. I like to grow it sometimes when I wear a super slut skirt out because it's easier to get a peek. And it will be the last time I ever use my phone to take a pic unless it's to sext. WOW U really may seriously bee the worlds biggest altime Whore as U fuck for cum and free.I got lots of attention and met a couple new friends and I only had those socks on because I was cold. I know the quality is bad but it was just meant to be quick as someone I know requested them . U said U was addicted to sex obvissly back then but that like 10 years ago.Just always laughing smiling and looking for just one more guy to fuck before U boyfriend got U home probably before U real husband came home. U such a completly out of control Whore but U was so fun for everyone 4 years. I am way behind on messages and just enjoying life in general.I had guys asking phoning coming back for years asknhg how to get a hold of U. I am not having sex with anyone any more except my Hubby but might still post some new stuff.

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