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Baxter: programmable through gestures, this is an industrial robot with finesse. But of course, if you want shirt folding, you probably want something like the Foldimate.This one is probably cheating: a human name to the NAO bot. The actual robot is a $US8000 Softbank NAO robot, also used in Robocup soccer.We may build our biases, as well as our virtues, into our creations.“The thinking is that the best bots are as close to humans as possible,” says Dror Oren, the chief product officer and co-founder of Kasisto.“This is not really the case.” Kasisto’s banking bot Kai gives financial companies such as Mastercard a way to handle about 80% of online customer conversations without involving humans.Oren believes gendered bots are giving way to “robot-specific” identities without such clear gender lines.“It never pretends to be a human, and the lines are never blurry,” he says.Kasisto says it’s found its bots are most effective at answering requests and positive customer interactions when their personalities stick to their nature as an artificial intelligence, rather than mimicking human conventions.

New bot startups are steering away from deferential, mildly flirtatious females toward a more balanced mix of genders and, in many cases, casting off human genders altogether. Bots are “the new app,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, ready to inject themselves into our daily lives.Venture Beat reports that in 2016 more than 30,000 branded chatbots were launched, and the growth is still accelerating as businesses deploy chatbots across most major sectors from customer service to e-commerce.As self-driving cars, virtual assistants and customer service bots enter our lives, dozens of our daily interactions now handled by humans will be the province of algorithms.Connie is pretty basic: it greets guests, answers questions about amenities and hours of operation.Given Pepper is also made by Softbank, there’s a good chance Connie will be upgraded into a Pepper skin sometime soon.

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