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I want that to change between WE ARE and OUR NEW WEBSITE IS.Thanks a lot for having chosen MALIN The map is working for me, as you can on this screenshot : map may requires an APIKey, click on the following link and then, on the button GET A KEY : Please let me know if you have any further questions, or if I can help with anything else.

But can you please tell me on how to make the first part of my text rotate as well?

Best How to I link to the Newsletter section from an external page?

Or is there a way to have the page open on the Newsletter section, so I can create a separate page and link to that?

I'm upload stock BIOS and files that i want to replace.

Y6o Qr UDu2h..._7jrl GU_DDOl Pjk W230ST.06 -BIOS FILEROM Realtek 2.58v BIOS 2177Intel Sata Driver and RAID-ROM GOP 5.0.1035Haswell CPU Microcodes v16Where i can download OROM Replace Tool

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