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The question is why do women continue to work for lower wages, even when they reach the top ranks? A few experts quoted by Bloomberg shed light on some possible reasons – it’s not the whole picture, but it certainly points to a few gaps in how women think about themselves at work and their discomfort with how they might be perceived as they climb up the career ladder. Women value the opportunity, not themselves Dawn Lepore, former CEO at at and former vice chairman of Charles Schwab Corp. For example, according to the Bloomberg data, Kinder Morgan Inc.

CFO Kimberly Dang, 43, has been in the job since 2005.

In the article Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating,’ the author Emily Bazelon discussed the social restraints that derive from the evolving society in America – subject of gender.

Bathrooms that are separated by specific gender roles effects those who are not about of the transgender community also.

Women and feminists have noticed a difficulty that seems unfair in bathroom settings.

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