When does lois and clark start dating in smallville

Clark heads to the talon apartment and found her on the floor of unconscious.

Because Lana wasn't there to keep her from falling. When Chloe suddenly displays signs of mental illness, Lois and Clark investigate and discover that she's being possessed by a spirit of a young girl named Gretchen Winters who seeks vengeance against a killer, who has been preying on girls in Smallville for the past 10 years.

The ground is covered in water and just as Clark picks up Lois, there's an electrical short and Lois narrowly escapes death. The killer kidnaps Lois after she discovers his identity as the hospital orderly, Michael Westmore and hold both Lois and Chloe hostage intending to kill them both.

Clark arrives attempting to help however he is weakened by kryptonite bracelet present on Chloe.

Clark and Lois' destiny is to become both professional and romantic partners at the Daily Planet.

Clark's love life has been a central theme of the series from the very beginning.

During the day of the election results, Lana pays Lois a visit at the talon apartment and arrives just in time to prevent Lois from falling off of a chair she was standing on.

Lois is force to pose as a dancing stripper at The Windgate Club where Clark is also undercover posing as a new recruit to the gentleman's club.

Samantha tries to force Lois into killing Jonathan during his first public rally.

With aid of Clark catching the bullet and Lois defeating Samantha they were able to foil the assassination attempt.

However Gretchen Winters spirit leaves Chloe body and flies into Michael body.

She then stabs Michael's body, killing him and freeing her spirit.

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During her performance on stage Lois spots Clark whom she walks over to and gives a lap dance sharing an awkward yet flirtatious moment with Clark, who appears to be very embarrassed and uncomfortable yet at the same time attractively drawn to Lois's physical appearance.

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