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Today, Josh and Erin Hawley have two young children., an intellectual biography of the president.

An expanded version of his honors thesis at Stanford, it treats Roosevelt as a prideful but serious thinker whose faith in state action shaped the Progressive Era and possibly laid the groundwork for the rise of neoconservatism decades later.

“He was my dream judge — a self-professed Evangelical, which is a rare thing in the legal world,” says Hawley.

They also stayed in touch., the 1997 book by the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, as an inspiration and says he picked Yale Law School because of its reputation for the study of constitutional law.

This was not only an important professional step but also a personal one: Hawley met the woman who became his wife, a fellow clerk for Roberts.

“We shared an office and started dating but didn’t tell the chief and went to great lengths to conceal our relationship,” says Hawley.

They’ll gain a bit of breathing room if Hawley wins in Missouri, which is one of several Trump-friendly states with a Democratic incumbent who is up for reelection.

In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton there by nearly 19 points.

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