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Gretchen famously proposed to Slade in 2013 and although they still haven't tied the knot, they've now been together for five years.In 2013, Jo—who went on to be successful in her new, current career as a marketing and ad sales exec—and was asked to weigh in on her feelings about Gretchen and Slade's romance for 's 100th episode. Okay, now that we've settled that, let's talk spoilers.Jordan Rodgers is the winner this season, but there have been a few instances where winner predictions by "Bachelorette" guru Reality Steve have been incorrect.

"But I'm happy for the both of them because I truly feel the two of them deserve each other." (Gretchen, however, has insisted that she already knew Slade pre-Jo.) Despite the tension, make no mistake—Jo has definitely moved on.I'm so lucky to have found you." for Season 9, which premieres April 14 at 9p ET/PT? Related Stories•First Look at 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 9•Wow!a couple weeks ago, but this season's resident villain still has some surprising plot twists up his sleeve.Despite some of Steve's missteps, he has been right most of the time and this season, he correctly reported that Jordan Rodgers ends up with Jo Jo Fletcher on the finale. Reality Steve also dished that the couple is not living life together "happily ever after". There’s been a lot of chatter surrounding these two for the last month.Reality Steve explained: Jo Jo got engaged to Jordan. I will say this: If come Monday these two tell us on the ATFR they’re no longer together, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

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