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The Second World War is still raging and the town faces tragedy when the town’s only doctor George Hansen (Barnard Hughes), is murdered at a local US Army POW camp, Camp Bremen. Cobb (Walter Matthau), the story’s protagonist, is a local lawyer given the unfortunate task of defending the German prisoner accused of the killing the doctor, a man who also happened to have been Cobb’s good friend.

Val and Earl wonder what could possibly force a man to stay high up off the ground in an electrical tower long enough for him to die of thirst.

Putting their concerns aside, the two men once again head off to Bixby to start their new life.

Ariana is pleased that so many people have told her that Angus Bethune (Charlie Talbert) is a teenage boy living in Minnesota, who, despite his talents as a football player and in science class, holds deep insecurities about himself.

Since kindergarten, Angus has been regularly harassed by handsome Rick Sanford (James Van Der Beek), and his complacent cohorts, for not being “normal” due to being overweight and is, in their view, “named after a cow”.

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