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Raised in impoverished circumstances, he found his hometown suffocating at the time.Frank attended military college at "The Sentinel", based on The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina.Underwood has stated that he and his father had nothing in common whatsoever, and upon his father's death, he felt neither regret nor remorse.

Kern is then pelted by media for a piece he allegedly authored regarding the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

Despite his poor grades, Underwood was accepted and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1984.

It is shown that he had a sexual and romantic relationship while in military college with another cadet, Tim Corbet. The incident and others put Frank's sexuality into question. It could be inferred that Frank met Claire while attending law school at Harvard due to the incomplete pamphlet shown for the Underwood Library opening ceremony stating "Harvard Law School... Although Claire was interested in having children, Frank soon decided that it would be cruel to bring a child into a world of pain.

This led to him attempting to bring down the nominee for Secretary of State, Michael Kern, an incompetent politician, and replacing him with a person he deemed a tougher, smarter candidate: Catherine Durant.

Frank begins his overture by orchestrating a fall from grace by Kern.

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Claire became pregnant during Frank's early campaigning years, but the child was aborted to help further Frank's political career.

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