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Uncle Sam nationalized gold and silver in the Franklin Roosevelt administration; this is subject to a repeat!Now that the price can’t be suppressed, what’s next?Please read and act on what follows---"What an awful thought it is that if we had not lost America, or if even now we could arrange with the present members of the United States Assembly and our House of Commons, the peace of the world is secured for all eternity.We could hold federal parliament five years at Washington and five at London.What Does It Mean When He Says I Like You For ladies that like to use casual and trouser like jeans then the kind of jeans is really a perfect match for her.These jeans have trouser - cut style and could be easily clothed or down.

"The seizure of the wealth necessary" means many particulars, the first World War; Britain’s attack on the world’s silver money system, starting in India in 1926 with the decision of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency; the Crash of 1929, facilitated by Federal Reserve policies; the Great Depression, caused by Britain’s attack on silver; Britain’s attack on gold in September 1931, exacerbating the depression; seizing gold from American citizens in March 1933, and seizing silver in August 1934 to the extent of 113,031,000 silver ounces; driving China off its silver standard as of November 3, 1935 through the Silver Purchase Act of 1934; FDR’s socialist federal agencies; the second World War; the founding of the United Nations; the Korean war; the ending of silver coinage by the mid 1960’s; the Vietnam war and its war manufacturers windfalls; and all the ensuing major financial dislocations since that time to the crushing of the Hunt/Arab silver play in January 1980; to today’s mortgage crisis; forcing the middle class into apartments (feudalism); exportation of industry and jobs; reduced standard of living; Food and Drug Administration tyranny; the anticipation of hyperinflation; and concerns over a potential Federal nationalization of precious metals!You have hours for professional sports and TV talk shows; how about some time for your property rights, without which you can go broke?Whether the excuse cited is North Korea, the Middle East or other, the actual reason is to break us and prevent capital formation on our part!Who would you prefer to dedicate this dialog regarding?After receiving the answer on the question, obviously them in ones own opening hi.

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