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Your style, your vibe, and your demeanor reflect who you are. You're a gem, and deserve the right to shine in your own special way.

You should feel carefree in your 20s in order to blossom into who you want to be.

I have heard my share of ball busting on being short.

There’s also no doubt about it, my friends, men and women included, have had their share of busting my ass for being shorter than the average guy. Every time I failed with a woman it was always because I was short and I reasoned it out enough to come to these conclusions: BUT ENOUGH OF THE EXCUSES!

As you get older, you realize saying you don't care about something isn't really rude anymore.

By not caring, you're vowing that you won't waste your time and energy trying to explain yourself.

Your 20s is a semi-selfish decade, but in the best way possible.

You find out quickly that it's beneficial to seek out people, places, and things that contribute to your well-being.

Well depending on how we handle the problem growing to our small stature… That is IF you subscribe to the “norms” listed above. So before I give you my review of Scot Mc Kay’s Secrets to Success with Women for Shorter Men I’m going to tell you what being short meant to me.As long as you're happy with your living situation, you should be content.And unless someone is paying your rent for you, their opinions have no place in your life.No one other than yourself should set your goals and standards.You love your dream city or your charming studio apartment.

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